Ubuntu Server 18.04.2 and AMD Ryzen 2200G

My storage server needed an overhaul, so off the the races!
Ryzen caught my eye and I have heard from friends that it works just beautiful with Linux and with an built in graphics it must be a perfect fit!

And the price did really make me happy.

So I quickly decided to go with an AMD Ryzen 3 2200G, don’t over do it, it is a fileserver after all.

Tried to find a motherbord with as many SATA ports as possible at a reasonable price, I found Asus B450-plus Gaming, yes gaming, I will not talk about it after this. It had 6 SATA III Ports on the motherboard, good enough.

I also read that Ryzen loves fast memory, so a couple of 8 Gb 3200 MHz memories was ordered.

I backuped my old server and went scavenging for what parts I could reuse in the new one. A 650 W PSU should suffice, all the disks 8 2TB disks, WD Red and WD Black and the Fractal Design case R5.

The build process was easy enough a bit nervous to mount my first Ryzen processor since I have managed to kill an Intel gen 8 processor… oh well.

Made an bootable USB3 stick with Ubuntu server 18.04.2, hooked everything up and pushed the button to start.

Yes! The bios told me that it discovered an new processor, good news.

After this I told the computer to boot from the usb-stick, it restarted and showed me this:

And after that all went black.

Curtain down.
Then I remembered that I had to turn off a few features in the bios on my desktop to get linux to run there. So reboot, del del del del… yes there we are, Secure boot, off, Fast boot, off. F10 reboot.

Boom again! What the…

IMOOU? What… oh well after some searching the internet this was also an bios feature – took some time to find it in Asus bios, turned off, felt proud now it will work!


Black again. Atleast I got to see the start menu and I choosed Install…

Now I called the support where I bought the parts, they were clueless, in a good way.

Stormed to Reddit to double tripple post my problem, as usual I got great reponses but nothing helped. I was stranded, had no clue at all what to do.

So I tired to install the system via my other computer, that worked, but that is an intel machine so… well…

Mounted the ssd and hit start, what do you know! It starts!

Oh yeah, I hade an older SATA III card that is an Marvell contoller and that requires kernel 4.20 to work.

So I had to update the kernel, oh shite, source download compile, error... no. And then I find ukuu an most exellent program to handle kernel updates!

After another reboot, fingers crossed, I was back!
The happiness was short lived, the kernel update had killed the default zfs installtion. Oh man the problems will never end, it is by now I question my logic to choose an AMD processor, someone told be before I ordered the new parts, stay Intel it works for sure.

But I do not give up, and the hassle to reorder everything, I want my server up now!

So back to reddit, got good advice, tried them all, and runied my installation…

Now I was in despair. All this work and nothing to show for it. So after a two days
I was ready to give up.

Luckily I had just rendered my latest SSD useless in my other system, so I janked that one out and mounted it and installed the system from my desktop, decided to give up on zfs and use madm instead. Refomatted all the disks, and made an RAID6 array.

After hours that day the server was up and running, even though the disk that was connected to the SATA III card were missing two of them… for 20-30 mins atleast… this is where I wanted to cry.

Went online to search for a PCI-E SATA III card that was for Linux. Hours went by and I taught myself loads of unneccassy stuff… at last I hade one ordered it, express, the next day I had it.

Now the all disks mount at the same time, great!

Now my mind told me this was the reason zfs wasnt running… oh no. So I runied my installation again. Getting good at destroying stuff atleast.

So a big sigh, some lunch, a walk outside, I got back. Got a few suggestions among one of them was to disable UEFI. The boot process was the one I knew so well, boot image and then black.

It was here I found an old posting on askubuntu, what you where able to do when you saw the boot image, one thing was to press arrow down and what do you know! The language menu apperad! So eager I choosed english and choosed to install and all crashed again….

The roar of despair inside of me, the tears in my eyes… nothing works!


Rebooted in to the arrow down again, so deseprate I hardly knew what I was doing. English
Install with HWE…

In the corner of my eye I see how the install starts and I get the normal install screen… and now in a state of euphoria I ran through the installation and what do you know, I got to step 12!

Rebooted and crossed my fingers!

What do you know! It starts and I can login.
Kernel 4.18.0 running instead of 4.15, might that be it? I suspect it, since when
I installed the system via my other desktop, I always upgraded to 4.20.

Now I am gonna leave this machine until the HWE expires in 2023.

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