New network and vlan for real

I thought I knew how VLANs worked - I couldn’t be more wrong. It’s far more than a tag, that is pretty much all got to have to do when using VLANs in Unifi. And they make everything backward as well. And again I say that I have a new network, not really, it is “only” the router that has been replaced. See not that big of a difference, sure I got some nice icons but other than that, there is not such a big difference.
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My old network

This is my future network, it is still a work in progress. The issue now is if I were to divide the network physically in the router between the server-lan and the hedman-lan or keep the vlan solution I have now (that is working perfectly fine btw). You have accept that some words are in Swedish. :P Any suggestions is appreciated, mattias.hedman@gmail.com

My network gear - the list

1 Edgerouter X 2 airMAX NanoStation 5AC Loco 1 Unifi Switch 8p 150W 1 Unifi Switch 8p 1 Unifi Switch Flex 1 Unifi Switch Flex Mini 3 Unifi AP AC Lite 1 Unifi AP AC LR

My home lab - an update

Way back in 2019 I did write about my home lab, to underestimate it has happened a thing or two. Let’s take it the network way, it starts with an Edgerouter X that creates three VLANS, it transported to the main building via a two Ubnt Nanostation AC5, that steals approx 2% of the base net speed. So now we are inside the main building, it all starts with an Unifi 8p 150W switch, this is the heart of the whole network.
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Unifi VLAN and WLAN and making it happen

For a long time I have had a wish to extend the function of my home network. The thought I have had is to separate both my guest network and IoT network, the latter to stop it from calling home. Due to time issues… it has been a thought that has been lingering for a long time. But suddenly it happens! It all started with my storage solution started to warn about a failing disk, that had to be dealt with so I planned a few hours to fix that this past weekend.
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My Unifi network

I decided to write donw my network since so many peeps are asking about it. First off internet in comes via fiber, to a fiber “modem”. Here is where the Unifi network begins. An USG 3P gets a tp-cabel from the modem to its WAN port, the two LAN ports on the USG goes to: LAN1 ( and LAN2 ( It is easier to talk about LAN2 first, so much smaller setup.
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I fixed my dead USG!

Just by pure coincidence I stumbeled across a posting at Reddit talking about a dead USG, the details he had sounded exactly like mine and where were answers! First answer said that it was usually the hard-drive that died and that was fixable! He said it was a guide online so I went to a search and found a guide. Now when I try to find the same one I have no luck, oh well I found an even better one!
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Planning the setup

Finally the new Unifi USG router arrived at home after being away for RMA, it was replaced with a new one so that was good to hear, that it wasn’t me that was crazy. So now the planning starts how to impact the network as little as possible when I do the switch. As of now I am thinking of configuring it completely before doing the switch and hope that it works.
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So my VM with Unifi Controller - died

Suddenly I couldn’t connect to my Unifi controller, checked the VM and it was up. But I was not able to ssh into it, strange, tried to VNC to it through my VM host. It took while but when I finally saw something, the OS, in this case Ubuntu 18.04, had crashed, seriously, crashed hard. Some kind of filesystem error so the OS couldn’t mount the virtual disk. No matter what I did, what guide I followed, it dawned on me that it was doomed.
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Unifi and Unms and my lan

If you didn’t know I am running an Unifi network, and oh man am I happy with it! :) I am also using UNMS the new software after Airmax. After is the wrong word here, Airmax will be alive, but unms it inspired by the awesome Unifi-Controller. It just has to be. At home I am running an Unifi Security Gateway, Unifi Switch 150W US, 2 Unifi AP AC Lite.
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