Switching to Caddy or so I thought

A small background, I have been using’s Swag container for years now, it has been behaving just great, so good that became boring almost. For years I have heard the rave about Traefik, but I have always thought that it required so much scripting to get working, all those labels and commands. While researching Traefik I came across Caddy, I started reading about it and really liked what I read.
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My network gear - the list

1 Edgerouter X 2 airMAX NanoStation 5AC Loco 1 Unifi Switch 8p 150W 1 Unifi Switch 8p 1 Unifi Switch Flex 1 Unifi Switch Flex Mini 3 Unifi AP AC Lite 1 Unifi AP AC LR

Next part of building a newish storageserver

So… what really happend to my old storage server? Well within a span of 24 hours two yes 2, disks failed on me. One was dead, totally dead, the other one needed a low format to get it’s spinners in order. So two 2 TB mirrors went bye bye. They are going to be replaced with one 4 TB mirror. WD Red CMR disks ofc. It is on its way as we speak.
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Making a newish storage-server

I have had my storage server for at least a couple of years now, in its current setup. I built it to be a storage sever, so inside I has a ASUS TUF mb, AMD Ryzen 2200G, 16 GB RAM, 10 WD RED, 1 System SSD (Running Ubuntu server 20.10) and Fractal design PSU 650W. All living inside a Fractal Design Define 5 case. The disks are setup as a zfs mirror using ZoL 0.
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Nextcloud 20, Collabora and Swag - how I got it to work

So over and over again I see posts asking how to get this to work. It just so happens that I managaed to solve this just the other week. I have had Nextcloud (NC) and Collabora (CL) running with NC 18 for a couple of years then I took a decision to dockerize my whole enviroment. So I decided to use images and Discord channel. Among this I updated to NC19 and Collabora stopped working.
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Unifi VLAN and WLAN and making it happen

For a long time I have had a wish to extend the function of my home network. The thought I have had is to separate both my guest network and IoT network, the latter to stop it from calling home. Due to time issues… it has been a thought that has been lingering for a long time. But suddenly it happens! It all started with my storage solution started to warn about a failing disk, that had to be dealt with so I planned a few hours to fix that this past weekend.
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My Unifi network

I decided to write donw my network since so many peeps are asking about it. First off internet in comes via fiber, to a fiber “modem”. Here is where the Unifi network begins. An USG 3P gets a tp-cabel from the modem to its WAN port, the two LAN ports on the USG goes to: LAN1 ( and LAN2 ( It is easier to talk about LAN2 first, so much smaller setup.
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...they pull you back in

Sp I was mighty irritated when my favorite calendar app change business model to subscription based one, oh yes do I understand why and all that, but still. And naively I swore to leave that app and find a replacement that was better and cheaper! Well a couple of weeks later Fantasicals own text rings even more true now… “The calendar app you won’t be able to live without.” When I just thought I was out they pull you right back in.
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How to center vertically and horizontally

Many blog post on talk about how to center divs either or vertically or horizontally, both using css and javascript. Would you believe me that I can make a div center both ways with three lines of code? Don’t believe me, check it out, in the css file. body { width: 100%; height: 100vh; } First now we need to add the size of the body. body { width: 100%;
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Oh docker let me tell you....

This last summer I had about 13 VMs running different services and web servers, it was working due to Proxmox. But as I promote Docker as soon as I can.. kinda I use Docker, but not that much to be honest. But that has changed in a big way during the autumn and the last two days, so from about 13 VMs running there are only 3 left now. So these are the ones running atm:
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