Halloween ghosts in my setup

In some part of the world this weekend is the Halloween weekend… not here I live but that is beside the point. Earlier in the week, I saw that my proxmox server had a bunch of updates needed to be applied, so I said ok, in the corner of my eye I saw that the updates contained an update to 6.09, up until now I had been running 6.07. Didn’t think of it much until later this week when I was about to go in and shut the server down, I wasn’t able to reach the gui, all the VMs where up and running.
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Changing IP on Proxmox 6 with bonds and bridges

I am running Proxmox 6 as my virtualization server, an HP Proliant DL380 G6. It is working just fine, apart from that RAID card… and I still haven’t figured out how use go around it to using ZFS… but that is another discussion. I am restructuring my network to make it more logical and neat. I save the best for last, my VM server. Hardware-wise the server has 4 NIC’s, five to be exact but the last is for ILO.
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