My new new network

Due to troubles… well. The start of the fiber-life was far from good, the first few weeks was bad bad bad. But being on the other side since a few days it has started to feel good. So now I dare to introduce my new network, not a huge difference from the old one, but still a few significant changes. So pfSense is installed as VM on Proxmox that is on the Dell-server.
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New network and vlan for real

I thought I knew how VLANs worked - I couldn’t be more wrong. It’s far more than a tag, that is pretty much all got to have to do when using VLANs in Unifi. And they make everything backward as well. And again I say that I have a new network, not really, it is “only” the router that has been replaced. See not that big of a difference, sure I got some nice icons but other than that, there is not such a big difference.
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My network gear - the list

1 Edgerouter X 2 airMAX NanoStation 5AC Loco 1 Unifi Switch 8p 150W 1 Unifi Switch 8p 1 Unifi Switch Flex 1 Unifi Switch Flex Mini 3 Unifi AP AC Lite 1 Unifi AP AC LR

My Unifi network

I decided to write donw my network since so many peeps are asking about it. First off internet in comes via fiber, to a fiber “modem”. Here is where the Unifi network begins. An USG 3P gets a tp-cabel from the modem to its WAN port, the two LAN ports on the USG goes to: LAN1 ( and LAN2 ( It is easier to talk about LAN2 first, so much smaller setup.
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Planning the setup

Finally the new Unifi USG router arrived at home after being away for RMA, it was replaced with a new one so that was good to hear, that it wasn’t me that was crazy. So now the planning starts how to impact the network as little as possible when I do the switch. As of now I am thinking of configuring it completely before doing the switch and hope that it works.
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Living with a 10 year old router

About a week ago my usual rock steady router the USG 3P stopped being rock-solid. A few searches and questions led me to the answer that this is known problem with the ram. Since it wasn’t a year old it was no problem getting it RMA’d. But still… I had to send it to the store, they had to investigate the router and take a decision what to do. No internet during this time, well with three kids, that is not an option.
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Unifi and Unms and my lan

If you didn’t know I am running an Unifi network, and oh man am I happy with it! :) I am also using UNMS the new software after Airmax. After is the wrong word here, Airmax will be alive, but unms it inspired by the awesome Unifi-Controller. It just has to be. At home I am running an Unifi Security Gateway, Unifi Switch 150W US, 2 Unifi AP AC Lite.
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