Some thoughts on iKamand

I have had the iKamand for a few weeks now and it is time to gather my thoughts on this device. First off it is not cheap, at all, but compared to the other players in the field it is not more expensive than them. I was not to sure that I actually needed this this when I ordered it, I do know my way around bbq and grilling. Before this I used a Thermoworks Smoke and I was very happy with it and the choice I had to do was to choose between an iKamand or an Thermoworks Smoke Gateway the price difference is quite substantial.
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iKamand vibration - normal?

So time for the second run with the new iKamand, this time at around 150° C. I added it later at a later state due to WIFI issues at home. But when I did, it was after I had to open to measure teh temp on the chicken scewers inside. First off the iKamand thought it was aroung 111° C inside. My Thermoworks Smoke told me that it was arount 140° C.
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My first run with iKamand

Finally I got a chance to use my new iKamand, followed my gut feeling about all the BBQ I got inside me. It feels like cheeting, to be honest. Fired up the bbq, built the conquer system, shut the lid and the started the iKamand. At once the built in fan started at 100%, the temprature started to raise in the bbq. Went inside to prepare the meat, had the meat at dry salt for a few hours, so I rinsed it, dried it, and put some oil on it and added the rub, Hanks true BBQ meat rub.
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