Four problems and sort off a Funeral

I don’t know where to begin really. You can read up on my homelab here, this is all about my server HP Proliant DL380 G6. A few weeks ago the virtual server I ran, yes ran, Proxmox started to tell me that there were something fishy with the filesystem. I wasn’t able to create new VMs or anything. Then a week or two forward VMs started to crash. I have been waiting for a moment to upgrade the server with memory and an extra CPU.
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Traefik, ssh and Visual Studio Code

If it works - fix it. That is how I roll, so after been running the most excellent container Letsencrypt for close to a year, it was time to do something else. Before you go any further, if you need a reverse proxy that take minutes to setup, use the Letsencrypt container, it is awesome, and the help you get at their Discord channel is no more than fantastic.
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