Next part of building a newish storageserver

So… what really happend to my old storage server? Well within a span of 24 hours two yes 2, disks failed on me. One was dead, totally dead, the other one needed a low format to get it’s spinners in order. So two 2 TB mirrors went bye bye. They are going to be replaced with one 4 TB mirror. WD Red CMR disks ofc. It is on its way as we speak.
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The autumn plan coming along

The plan for the autumn is closing in. So what is the plan you ask, how nice of you to ask me that. Well it you have read up on my homely setup you know I got a storage server, it is a self built, huge tower that is my main storage for every other server in the lab. So it has to go down quite a lot of thought into the planning of the update of that one.
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