Ikamand got it!

After being contact with both Kamando Joe and Desora (the makers of the iKamand) giving them the link to my blog posts about my troubles, I had a very good communication with both of the companies. I resulted in a bug report that was solved in the update than came along a few weeks ago, I haven’t had the time for any long slow cooks but yesterday I had a chance to make some baby back ribs.
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Oh Ikamand thoughts again... and some pork

Saturday morning, time to start prepping for the wedding I was hired to do my magic. Seven fillet of pork was going to be prepped. So I thought there is no better time than now to use my iKamand. But what a kick in the nuts it was. Hooked it up (discovered that when the iKamande is mounted I can not open the bottom air inlet more than 15 mm, bug feature I cant say) and it didn’t find my wifi.
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A 12h run with Thermoworks Smoke

As I told you earlier my next 12 h run with the Kamado would be without the iKamand and instead with my trustworthy Thermoworks Smoke. So it has happened this last Friday, it was time to make a brisket again. Up at 5:15 (AM), the Kamado and everything was prepped, so out to the Kamado, fire up the pit rig the Smoke and wait for 30-40 mins so the pit would settle.
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Invitation to follow my return to Smoke...

As I told you in my last iKamand post I had a thought of trying to use my Smoke thermometer again after a few runs with the iKamand. Now it is that time, tomorrow, before the rooster I will start the kamado to make another brisket for tomorrow nights BBQ party. In my time, Swedish, I will get up at 5. See you then.

iKamand vibration - normal?

So time for the second run with the new iKamand, this time at around 150° C. I added it later at a later state due to WIFI issues at home. But when I did, it was after I had to open to measure teh temp on the chicken scewers inside. First off the iKamand thought it was aroung 111° C inside. My Thermoworks Smoke told me that it was arount 140° C.
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My first run with iKamand

Finally I got a chance to use my new iKamand, followed my gut feeling about all the BBQ I got inside me. It feels like cheeting, to be honest. Fired up the bbq, built the conquer system, shut the lid and the started the iKamand. At once the built in fan started at 100%, the temprature started to raise in the bbq. Went inside to prepare the meat, had the meat at dry salt for a few hours, so I rinsed it, dried it, and put some oil on it and added the rub, Hanks true BBQ meat rub.
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