Napster = Oh fuck

Once upon a time I worked at a company, Popwire, that basically was myspace 10 years ahead of its time, but it never took off for us. Instead we developet an alogorithm that could transcode different video formats on the fly.

But that was not the reason for this posting, during 2000, the company was in discussions with different record companies to get a deal for, what we thought was awesome artists, one day the CEO of Universal came to visit, while they were passing me my boss talked about this new thing called Napster.

They stopped at my desk and asked if I could show them, ofc I could.
Fired up Napster and asked what music they wanted me to search for.
A brief discussion of the potetional of Napster, the CEO said:


I search for Metallcia and secods later their whole collection of songs appeared in front of them.
A bit shell chocked the CEO asked:

Can you listen to all fo those?

I download an handfull and played them.
A long silence and then the CEO said:

Oh fuck.

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