Unifi VLAN and WLAN and making it happen

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For a long time I have had a wish to extend the function of my home network.

The thought I have had is to separate both my guest network and IoT network, the latter to stop it from calling home.

Due to time issues… it has been a thought that has been lingering for a long time.

But suddenly it happens!

It all started with my storage solution started to warn about a failing disk, that had to be dealt with so I planned a few hours to fix that this past weekend.

That was so easy to do that I had time to spare!

This was the time when I started to search for how to use VLAN with Unifi…

And did I find stuff? Loads and loads of blogs and video tutorials most of them about 2-3 years old - it was easy to see that the knowledge they shared wasn’t up to date. So I went to https://ui.com and search their knowledge base. To my surprise there were not that many and the pages was very short and didn’t give that much info.

But he who dares wins!

So I opened up my controller and started to look through all preferences, after a short while I felt secure in making my first try.

And, man, I did run into a brick, wall at full speed.

Read some more, figured that I made a mistake or two… corrected them and managed to stop my run into the same brick wall again.

A few hours passed and no luck. The time became late so I decided to sleep on the problem.

The morning after I decided I needed help, so I went to Reddit - this was my first posting and oh wow what help I got and quick!


I managed to solve my issue with the help of the answers I got, the key issue I had missed was to change inside the router that the LAN port should accept ALL networks. That little important information was not mentioned in any of the blogs, videos or on Unifi’s site.

When I changed that suddenly everything worked!

You have to visit the link, for the first time the haiku bot rewrote of my answers into a haiku poem, just pure love!

When this solved it self so fast the ideas of a isolated guest network made it self reminded, with my new knowledge it was done in 10 mins or so.

But now I began to see that I was going down a rabbit hole and once again I turned to Reddit for help.

Here is that posting: https://www.reddit.com/r/Ubiquiti/comments/if2wwo/two_vlans_on_wlan/

It took an hour than I got an answer that was mind blowingly good and descriptive.

So now I got plans to make four networks at home, one for the servers, one for the home users, one for IoT and a guest network all VLAN’s some isolated some not.

I know I will succeed with the help I have gotten.

So this more a declaration of love to Reddit and all the helpful users there!