Unifi and Unms and my lan

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If you didn’t know I am running an Unifi network, and oh man am I happy with it! :)

I am also using UNMS the new software after Airmax. After is the wrong word here, Airmax will be alive, but unms it inspired by the awesome Unifi-Controller. It just has to be.

At home I am running an Unifi Security Gateway, Unifi Switch 150W US, 2 Unifi AP AC Lite.

To call it rock solid is to be unimpressed by it. One updated has created problems for me, but hey it is to easy to go back.

I could not recommend their products and software more than I do.
There is nothing to think about if you are serious about your own network.

So this is a story about UNMS, I have a bridge link between two houses using two Loco5AC, the bridge is working just beautiful but…

It was setup in a hurry so not much thought was made setting it up, so now I need to adopt both to my unms, but thing is I can only adopt of of the two, the other, the so called sender is on another network-series. To be exact

And my network is

So there I am seeing both antennas inside unms, and seeing both in airmax8 swell but that is all there is.

It looks like I am gonna have to get the ladder and climb up that wall again.

But it works so why fix it?

Updates for one, config for another.

Oh well.