Traefik, ssh and Visual Studio Code

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If it works - fix it.
That is how I roll, so after been running the most excellent container Letsencrypt for close to a year, it was time to do something else.

Before you go any further, if you need a reverse proxy that take minutes to setup, use the Letsencrypt container, it is awesome, and the help you get at their Discord channel is no more than fantastic.

So how do I fix something that works? Oh hello Traefik.

Traefik uses toml as its scripting language, that was a hard sell for me, it reminds me of the dark days in trying to understand Objective-C ins and outs.

Ok then so I setup a Debian 10 VM with Docker and Docker-compose and to a deep breath and jumped.

Now 10 hours later, with lots of help by people on reddit and mostly at Traefiks community I got it to work.

10 hours is a lot of time you might say, at least 8 to 9 go those were spent spent editing config files and thinking that the plugin ssh fs for visual studio code was doing its job.

Hint: It wasn’t.

Just by pure luck or stupidity I ssh into the server and took an less on a file I had been editing during the day just to check one line of code. In the corner of my eye I catch that the first line of the code should have been loglevel = ‘DEBUG’ and that line was missing.

This was the start of it all. Now I started to investigate this further and soon found out that all the tries and work I had done the last 9 hours was in vain. Nothing had been save, and I mean NOTHING.

Cursing myself about it for a while, I did the edits via vi and restarted the docker-compose setup. The log filled with info what was not working, so after this is was an 30 min fix and I got all to work.

So if you want to take anything with you from this: