The storage server went to sleep...

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It was not planned to write this but it has to be written. I sat there with an new install of Pop_OS Cosmic and installed the Nextcloud app and tried to connect to my Nextcloud instance. It failed, so I tried to use the browser instead, 502, hmmm the error is at my side.

Opened the terminal ssh into the docker host server, listen to containers running and there is was, Nextcloud was running. No errors in any log about any connections issues or anything for that matter.

I had no idea what the fault was, you do since you read the headline, so I thought lets try something else on that docker host server - that failed to.

At least a consistent error, so I for some reason I restarted the server - of course that didn’t help. Listed the containers again and now Nextcloud wasn’t started, so I started it and got an error!

It wasn’t able to mount the nfs mount for the storage server were all the data was. That was strange, I pinged the storage server and it replied. ssh into it and it worked.

Check the nfs kernal server, up and running, checked the shares from the docker host, I was able to see them. While I was scratching my head, thinking about what could be wrong, I was thrown out from the ssh session on the storage server.

Did it crash? I took the short walk to see it in the metal, and there is was, the power led was blinking with a 1 sec pause. That had to mean something.
Started searching and after a few tries I found a post about the system going to sleep and that this blinking was a sign of that.

That did not make any sense, at all, it is a server OS and they do not go into sleep. That beats the whole thing about being a server.

So I did the same mistake, I restarted it, of course it didn’t help a bit.

Now I started to tail the syslog to see if I could fetch what was happening.

This is what I got:

Jul 1 08:53:12 storage gnome-shell[2725]: Screen lock is locked down, not locking Jul 1 08:53:12 storage systemd[1]: Reached target Sleep. Jul 1 08:53:12 storage systemd[1]: Starting Suspend… Jul 1 08:53:12 storage systemd-sleep[12258]: Suspending system… Jul 1 08:53:12 storage kernel: [ 1228.052780] PM: suspend entry (deep)

What the h**l was my reaction, gnome-shell is setting the system to sleep? Where did gnome-shell come from?
A quick sudo apt remove –purge gnome-shell and now a restart - did solve the issue, now it is running as it always have.