The autumn plan coming along

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The plan for the autumn is closing in.
So what is the plan you ask, how nice of you to ask me that.

Well it you have read up on my homely setup you know I got a storage server, it is a self built, huge tower that is my main storage for every other server in the lab.

So it has to go down quite a lot of thought into the planning of the update of that one. It was somewhat a temporary install when I did it last time, I didn’t have a clear picture on what I wanted out of the server.

And also, all the other servers have kept me busy enough, but now all the others have behaved as expected for almost 2 months now, so time is closing in on actually doing something that develops my lab and takes a step forward.

I hope I got you interested now.

In the server today is a Asus TUF motherboard, with an AMD Ryzen 2200G and 16 GB of RAM, a PCI-e SATA-card and 8 2 TB disks and one 500GB SSD.

The motherboard has 6 SATA connections and with that card I got 10 connections all 6GB/s ones as well.

So what is the plan then?!

Well first I want to replace the system SSD with a RAID 1 system SSDs and sort the 2TB disks into to groups physically just for my piece of mind and to know where each disk is.

So to recap:

Two 128 GB SSDs in RAID-1 for the system.
Four 2TB WD Red connected to motherboard.
Four 2TB WD Red connected to SATA-card.

So when that is done it is time to choose operating system.

Here is where I am not decided yet, I got two options, both has to support zfs.
Ubuntu Server 19.10
Debian 10.1

A couple of weeks to decide… :)