Switching to Caddy or so I thought

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A small background, I have been using Linuxserver.io’s Swag container for years now, it has been behaving just great, so good that became boring almost.

For years I have heard the rave about Traefik, but I have always thought that it required so much scripting to get working, all those labels and commands.

While researching Traefik I came across Caddy, I started reading about it and really liked what I read. Even one of my favorite images maker Mr Hotio said he was using it, too much delight.

And he had an image for it!

That made me take the jump, first just install it and tried to write the most simple Caddyfile, and hey it worked!
But that was as far I got before the issues started to arise.

I have all my domains at Cloudflare, and I wanted to check against that so after hours I got Caddy to use a plugin for Cloudflare.

Still no luck, now at least I got an 521 error for all my domains and subdomains. I fought an uphill battle with this, sought help on the caddy community but mostly I got an answer saying: RTFM.
Links to a subpar documentation - after, for real, a couple of days of struggling, I finally got my wish granted. The Caddy support person actually wrote how to solve it, well almost.

He said that the Hotios image stank (my words) and I should do like the docs suggested and build my own image. He went so far calling that great UX. This was the drop that made the mug overflow.

I will not try to say what I said, you can read for your selfs.

After that I just for shits erased all my Swag garbage and started on a clean slate, took to Swags docs and rebuilt my whole setup with Cloudflare support. It took me 10-15 mins to be done.

So now I am back to Swag - and I have been burnt, it will take a lot for me to even think about replacing Swag again.

And a message to Caddy:
Your docs are written by your techs for themselves, it is not good docs for new comers, take a look at Swags docs.
Building your own image is not good UX, no matter what you say.
You have some work cut out for you before you become so great as you say.