Storage-server rebuilt!

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Finally I had a chance to rebuild my storage-server, it has been overdue for months and months. Time hasn’t been on my side.

But suddenly hours were given to me and I took the chance.

First up was to investigate why it was kind of misbehaving, an hour searching through logs gave me an idea… it seemed like my extra PCI-E SATA card didn’t felt so good.

A couple of hours in the try of healing the machine I had to realize that the sata-card was gone.

So where I now?
Motherboard has 6 SATA ports, 2 for system SSDs, 4 for storage.
The plan I had was to use this guide The perfect media server so I did.

Installed Debian 10.2, went along with mergerfs and snapraid, excellent guide how to set all up!
Started with restoring all the data and it went well until…

Until one of my disks was full! Say what? I had 8 TB of storage, and 3 TB of data. How, what, why?
Well I did read the manual and it seems that mergerfs are meant to work like this, I needed to set up policies to make it spread over all available disks. That made me… well not liking it that much.
So I check in The Perfect media server guide 2019 instead. Where the author takes on ZFS as a part of his build.
I have been curious about ZFS for years but it hasn’t been ready for Linux, but with Ubuntu 19.04 it is part of the core system!
So I went for Ubuntu server 19.10 redid everything, thus formatting the disks again, installed the system, set up zfs for the storage disks and went to town!

So result is, an auction won for a new sata-card (dirt cheap), ZFS setup as mirrored vdevs, in total that will give me 8 TB of storage, as of now half that…
But working with ZFS is so much better now that it has ever been. I can say that It just works.
So now I have to setup scrubbing, snapshotting, and all that fun!