Some thoughts on iKamand

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I have had the iKamand for a few weeks now and it is time to gather my thoughts on this device.

First off it is not cheap, at all, but compared to the other players in the field it is not more expensive than them.

I was not to sure that I actually needed this this when I ordered it, I do know my way around bbq and grilling. Before this I used a Thermoworks Smoke and I was very happy with it and the choice I had to do was to choose between an iKamand or an Thermoworks Smoke Gateway the price difference is quite substantial.

The tech-nerd in my got the better of me and I ordered an Ikamand, somewhere way back in my mind I told myself that I would not have to run back and forth to open/close air vents as much.

Oh how dead wrong I was! But more on that later.

First off it was not as easy as I thought would be to get it to hook up to my network and my iPhone, but eventually it did work.

I have written about my experiences earlier here so there you can read about run 1 and 2 I have used a few times more than that to get a grip around it and how it works.

One problem I think the Ikamand have is the fan, lets say I want the pit temp to be 120°, I load the coal and light in one place, close and start the Ikamand, the fan kicks off right away at 100%.

And it stays att 100% unit the pit is 120°, then it shuts it off.
So what happens then? Well the temp shoots over quite a bit and I get a notification that says that the pit is to hot.

After a while the temp starts to drop and the fan doesn’t catch that so then I fall under the desired temp and get a notification that it is to cold and I might have to add more coal or open vents.

Here is the temp the first hours of this bbq. Roller-Coaster anyone?
The notifications was raining in, so much that I had to turn them off for this run.

And like this it continued…

Here is a better view of a longer time, the pit temp was up and down the whole time the meat though behaved as expected.

Oh yeah another “feature” of the this device is if you for some reason don’t stop the run with the app and for some reason forget that, you’re in world of hurt. I had to reinstall the app to get out of it.

After this run with the Ikamand I am not that sold… it for sure need an software update how to control the fan. Also somewhere to edit when and why to send notifications.

Next time I am going back the my Smoke to see if that works after this experience.

To not make you leave here with a sour taste… I do give you the result of this BBQ to too shabby…. :)