So my VM with Unifi Controller - died

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Suddenly I couldn’t connect to my Unifi controller, checked the VM and it was up.
But I was not able to ssh into it, strange, tried to VNC to it through my VM host.

It took while but when I finally saw something, the OS, in this case Ubuntu 18.04, had crashed, seriously, crashed hard.

Some kind of filesystem error so the OS couldn’t mount the virtual disk. No matter what I did, what guide I followed, it dawned on me that it was doomed.

Now the users stared to complain that the wifi wasn’t working, oh man I needed my controller.

So quickly I span up a new controller as a Docker container, prepared to rebuild my whole network, but after logging in to the cloud access I got an backup, an old one but still.

Now I say that the USG was acting up, and I started an RMA on it straight away, since it been acting up the last couple of months.

It seemed to be enough with one restart of it, the problem was that the controller was the DHCP-server, so no leases was sent out to the clients, so setting a static IP solved the most pressing needs (read 14 yo…).

After this it took a while, the APs wasn’t to happy about changing controller for some reason, and this with time…

If was able to focus, this would have been max a 2 hours job, now I was spinkeled over two days 20 min here and there.

So now I all works but… all the devices in the controller is not green, they are all Adopting… the support has no clue.

So I guess I have to try to understand what is happening.

Rock on!