Planning the setup

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unifi network tech

Finally the new Unifi USG router arrived at home after being away for RMA, it was replaced with a new one so that was good to hear, that it wasn’t me that was crazy.

So now the planning starts how to impact the network as little as possible when I do the switch.

As of now I am thinking of configuring it completely before doing the switch and hope that it works.

I do need to use the WAN2/LAN2 port, and that setting has changed in the Controller update 5.11 compared to the 5.10 update.

For some reason I don’t trust the GUI to do the right thing, the thing that has happened is that in 5.10.x there were an checkbox under Settings -> Site that said, use WAN2 as LAN2.

This part is supposed to happen automagically Undersåker 5.11 when you create an network and tell it to use LAN2.

Well we will just have to see… I will tell you all about it when it happens.