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It began with that we finally got fiber installed.

We ordered 500500 Mbps.

Everyone in the family said to me - it doesn’t feel like 500500. I set up a speedtest container that measured every three hours.

Came back the next day to look at it.

Not once during the last 24 hours had the download speed exceeded 220 Mbps more over the latency/ping was somewhere between 12 and 16 ms.

That told me something is wrong, very wrong.

I started to call… The ISP is the company that owns the fiber. Quite quickly we agreed that my router wasn’t up to the task.

So agreed with the isp to get a new one.

After a quick Google search, I downloaded pfSense.

Now I had to do some reshuffling on my server, Proxmox was using all 4 NICs on the server. An hour later two nics were free and the last to in a bond serving Proxmox.

Installed pfsense and have it eno1 to Wan and eno2 to lan.

Hooked everything up and did a speedtest…

No difference whatsoever speedwise.

Say what echoed in my head.

Way back in my head a small voice cried the ethernet cable.

Without even believing that my 6A cable almost new would cause the issue I did dig up a 6E cable.

Speedtest, no difference. I didn’t understand, what? I clicked test speed again.

And then!


534528, ping 4 ms.


Here is the speed rigth now:

Still, the latency is nuts and jumping up and down, but that is something the ISP gonna fix I hope.

Now it was time to understand pfsense and vlans, which was harder than what I expected.