Oh Ikamand thoughts again... and some pork

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bbq ikamand

Saturday morning, time to start prepping for the wedding I was hired to do my magic. Seven fillet of pork was going to be prepped.

So I thought there is no better time than now to use my iKamand.

But what a kick in the nuts it was. Hooked it up (discovered that when the iKamande is mounted I can not open the bottom air inlet more than 15 mm, bug feature I cant say) and it didn’t find my wifi.
And my phone app was not logged in either, these were two clear signs that I shouldn’t waste anymore time on this.

But as the fool I am, I reseted the the iKamand, all went well until it was supposed to hook up to my wifi.

So I dismonuted it and did my own temp control and off I went!
Took them to around 50° C, the pit was around 220°, after that I put them in the freezer to chill them fast (to avoid and nasty bacteria to appear in the meat). It took me about 1,5 hours to prepare seven pieces.

Hours later it took me 15-20 mins to reheat the meat and give it some nice color and some of that bbq taste. :) Oh yeah that pit was crazy hot I should say… so hot that you could stand nere it.

The customer was happy with the meat I made for them, fillet of pork, entrecote and some portobello mushroom.