Oh docker let me tell you....

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This last summer I had about 13 VMs running different services and web servers, it was working due to Proxmox.

But as I promote Docker as soon as I can.. kinda I use Docker, but not that much to be honest.

But that has changed in a big way during the autumn and the last two days, so from about 13 VMs running there are only 3 left now.

So these are the ones running atm:


The reason for not incorporating Unifi is that I am running the beta channel and I am controlling 3 different networks and the pain to setting up all those again is not something I wanna do. So far there is no Docker-image that can import an unifi-backup (please prove me wrong), so that VM is gonna stay as long that is true.

Rock-solid is an understatement, the containerns just runs and runs, I have them set so they update them selves and I could not be happier.

When I think of it… if I give more memory to my storage machine I could move all of them there and switch off the Proliant server… that as an thoguht, I like!