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I decided to write donw my network since so many peeps are asking about it.

First off internet in comes via fiber, to a fiber “modem”.

Here is where the Unifi network begins.

An USG 3P gets a tp-cabel from the modem to its WAN port, the two LAN ports on the USG goes to:
LAN1 ( and LAN2 (

It is easier to talk about LAN2 first, so much smaller setup.

A long tp-cabel cat 6 from LAN2 to a Netgear switch, from there to a poe-injector to the only AP on this network an AP AC LR.
That is it for LAN2.

So on the LAN1.

From LAN1 port it passes a poe injector to an AP AC Loco antenna, to the same type of antenna on the neighbouring house, from there a looooong tp-cabel cat 6a to an,
Unifi Switch 8 port 150W.

Port 2 goes to the server room, where an Unifi Switch mini is located.
Port 8 powers an Unifi Switch Flex, which powers 2 AP AC Lite.

That is the hardware side of it.

LAN1 network has one management lan, and three VLANs.

home-vlan (

server-vlan (

guest-vlan /

All is working perfect, as expected from Unifi. :)

Oh yeah my Unifi controller is running on an Debian VM, hosted on my Proxmox server at

And if I link to this I have a problem somwhere…