Nextcloud 20, Collabora and Swag - how I got it to work

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So over and over again I see posts asking how to get this to work. It just so happens that I managaed to solve this just the other week. I have had Nextcloud (NC) and Collabora (CL) running with NC 18 for a couple of years then I took a decision to dockerize my whole enviroment. So I decided to use images and Discord channel.

Among this I updated to NC19 and Collabora stopped working.

I tried to fix it but I wasn’t able to so I let it be.

The issue I had was that if I tried to open a document, nextcloud would sned me to a new window and just a blank page.

So a couple of weeks ago I say something on the Discord channel I mentioned, someone who had the same issue as me. So I joined in and that in the end solved my issue as well.

So what did I do to solve it?

Well checking logs, web tools and so on but the big issue that a person on the channel told me was one of two parts that utimatly soved the issue.

First off, nowhere in any guide it says that the Collabora domain should be the same as Nextclouds, it just states it should have a URL. So for me it meant and

So this I saw in the logs, that Nextcloud was looking for collabora functionally at

So when I changed that to have the same URL, and yes:

- domain = https://nextcloud\\.domain\\.io

This meant that a document no longer opened in a new window instead I got an error!

That was, the error said that I was missing a WOPI client.

This was were the help came from the discord channel to specify the version Collabora was using.

After many tests the latest version I got to work is

So this is my docker-compose Collabora nowdays:


image: collabora/code:

container_name: collabora


  - domain=cloud\\\\.domain\\\\.io

  - dictionaries=en_US

restart: unless-stopped


  - ./appdata/collabora:/config

After this change, all started to work!

So now I am running Nextcloud 20.0.5 and Collabora in perfect harmony. :)