Next part of building a newish storageserver

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So… what really happend to my old storage server?

Well within a span of 24 hours two yes 2, disks failed on me.
One was dead, totally dead, the other one needed a low format to get it’s spinners in order.

So two 2 TB mirrors went bye bye. They are going to be replaced with one 4 TB mirror. WD Red CMR disks ofc.

It is on its way as we speak. Now I am slowly adding mirror after mirror to my zpool. The two things I do when I add the disks are this:

First: sudo dd bs=1M count=2 if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX

Second ls -la /dev/disk/by-if/ I take the id’s at the top.

This works for me.

And oh yeah - I am using Ubuntu server 20.04.2 and zfs version 0.83.

Debian just refused to get installed on my system, so I gave up, zfs 2.0.2 well I had some serious issues with it, not mounting disks as it should was the deal breaker for me. So I went back to what I had before system wise.

It is working as expected so I am pleased. The server though feels very resposive and fast. So that is a good thing.