My home lab - an update

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Edge linux unifi

Way back in 2019 I did write about my home lab, to underestimate it has happened a thing or two.

Let’s take it the network way, it starts with an Edgerouter X that creates three VLANS, it transported to the main building via a two Ubnt Nanostation AC5, that steals approx 2% of the base net speed.

So now we are inside the main building, it all starts with an Unifi 8p 150W switch, this is the heart of the whole network. This powers, 5 Unifi Access points and 4 Switches.

So port 1 is where the Nanostation is powered and where the net comes in, port 2 is powering an Unifi 8 port switch that is called server-lan, soon more on that. Port 3-7 is a few units that require static ethernet not much to talk about.

Port 8 powers an Unifi Flex Mini, which powers 2 Unifi Access points and an Unifi Mini switch.

So back to port 2 and the server-lan, this is carrying the base-vlan, the hardware connected to this 8p switch is, my storage server (running Ubuntu server 20.10), and my main server a Dell Poweredge R720.

The storage-server (hostname) has 14 disks inside, using zfs 0.8.4, one big mirrored zpool 14 TB of storage. This is back up to off-site (using Jottacloud most excellent cli-tool.) and on lan, using zfs send/receive. I know I should add another point - but still, it is a home setup…

The Dell server then? It is running Proxmox with 256 GB RAM, 16 disks, 12 900 GB SAS HGST disks, 4 300 GB HP SAS disks.
The rpool is a mirrored 600 GB zpool, the server-storage is a zraid1 with around 8 TB of storage.

There today 4 virtual machines, two docker host machines based on Debian, one for Pi-hole based on Debian, and one for Cockpit/Ansible (Sorley behind on this part). Docker host has 10 containers, the main ones are Swag (proxy), Nextcloud and Unifi Controller, and Unms Controller.

Docker-host 2 has 14 containers.

At the moment, the Dell server sleepwalks, not much to do at all. Still, with the memory, the server has, no container is constrained memory-wise or CPU-wise. I should also add that I have swapped the default 710-raid card to a pre-flashed 710 card from Artofserver without it nothing would have been so good as it is now.

At the moment - I am very happy with the setup I got. It is so crazy to add and remove containers for different things, the ones I list here and things that are more or less in use all the time.

So I forgot to tell you about the network, starts with an Edgerouter X a most excellent router I have to say, not the easiest to get into but well worth the first hill. There I create three vlans, base-vlan (, main-vlan ( and guest-vlan (

So all it infrastructure is on the base-vlan, all clients on the main-vlan.

That’s all folks!