My first run with iKamand

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ikamand bbq

Finally I got a chance to use my new iKamand, followed my gut feeling about all the BBQ I got inside me. It feels like cheeting, to be honest.
Fired up the bbq, built the conquer system, shut the lid and the started the iKamand.
At once the built in fan started at 100%, the temprature started to raise in the bbq.

Went inside to prepare the meat, had the meat at dry salt for a few hours, so I rinsed it, dried it, and put some oil on it and added the rub, Hanks true BBQ meat rub.

Waited for 15-20 mins until it was at 80-90° C, then I put in the meat, part of a brisket approx 2 kg.

At 92°C I put the meat in, I had to leave and do some errands all part of the plan, mind you!

Oh the panic! I had no idea that the iKamand had sms-capabiliteis! Out and about my phone told me that the BBQ was to hot and I should try to close of some air.
How? When I am not close… easy. Easy. It will level out. And so it did.

Atm I am at the 4 hours mark, the stall is on!
So exited to what this will become then it is done!

So far it has been a nice first run with the iKamand, the temprature has been going up and down way more than I thought it would do. If this is how it should be I have no idea so far.