Meshify 2 as a server case

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Ok, I have to admit, I am a sucker for the Meshify series from Fractal Design (FD).

Both my main rig and now my server lives in a Meshify-case. Sure it lived in an FDs case before, Define R5.

I outgrew the case capacity to hold just 8 disks. And I need to fit at least 12, and room to grow. So I have been on the hunt for a case with more disk space.

And then it came, and what a case! I thought a lot of the youtubers was to rehash, the now old Meshify C case.

But oh no it was a new one - 14 disks it said it could hold - that meant this was the new server case.

First thing, it came with 6 disk places, no chance that I could use the old disk trays.

So I had to order more HDD Tray Kit Type B, which came in a pack of 2, to three packs of those… that hurt.

But oh well.

So the build began, to be able to remove the top is a great idea, so easy to build inside, bravo FD!

But now to the big disappointment, the disk “tower”, so move an inside, good placement behind the front fans, but the way you mount the disks is not even close being easy.

First, off the trays has a hook and a hmmm spike on the back, small, the hook has to fit in a small hole and slide to the right/left, that would make it possible to fit the spike in an even smaller hole that would make the whole tray fit so you can fasten it with a thumbscrew.

This construction needs to iterate and become better, way better.

Not only that it makes mounting the disks almost impossible, to exchange disks is close to a nightmare. Not only is impossible to read what disk is what, to remove it is not hard, but to refit it… oh my.

To compare the old style of disk trays is unfair, this new one is not good, to be honest.

Well, the server is done with the case, but I can’t feel good about the build for some reason.

And now my zfs system says I need to exchange a disk…