Living with a 10 year old router

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About a week ago my usual rock steady router the USG 3P stopped being rock-solid. A few searches and questions led me to the answer that this is known problem with the ram.

Since it wasn’t a year old it was no problem getting it RMA’d.

But still… I had to send it to the store, they had to investigate the router and take a decision what to do.

No internet during this time, well with three kids, that is not an option.
Down in the cellar looking searching and what do you know I found a router!

An Netgear WPN824v2 so I resetted it and actually found a power-brick that worked with it! Hook it up and after an hour or so it was our new router.

The experience was far from good, it doesn’t handle 100 Mbps first off, it is old, damn old, and handling more than two simultaneously connections made it go down on it’s knees begging for mercy.
A few times an hour it just stopped serving internet. For no apparent reason.
I starting taking note… and discovered a pattern, it was the DHCP renewel process that made the processor cry for help. And stop serving internet for everyone.

So I started givning everyone and static IP and since then we don’t have the lost of net-connection suddenly.

Today I got a mail that my router is exchanged and is on it’s way back.

I can’t wait. I will also buy a spare router for next time something like this happens.