Italy there and back again

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The weather made us decide to go abroad. So we bought a trip to Rome, found a hotel and went. It took us about a week to decide and to leave Sweden for a week.

When in Rome, you have to see Coloseum and Patheon, ofc also the Vatican state with the S:t Peters square (circle?) and the S:t Peters Church.
These are crazy impressive buildings, so old that is hard to grasp.

Pantheon for instance was build 1000 years BC, a thousand years! That makes it 3000 years old and still in perfect shape and glory.

We got lucky(?) when visiting the Vatican state, there was a queue and loads of excitement in the air. The pope where to appear and speak we finally understod. And suddenly he appeared way high up in a building, so all I could see was a white dot pretty much, the square was filled with people cheering and listening.
I think we got blessed or something, my Italian isn’t good enough to understand what he said.

A few days in Rome made us cringe for the sea, so we moved, to Ostia.
The old port, and when I say old I mean the port 2000 years ago, town an 30 minute west of Rome.

A town the really came to live at 20:00 in the evening, the center really started to live and sing.

All in all it was a nice trip, even though it was crazy hot, not a day beneath 35° C and the humidity never was below 80%.

And yeah the food! Pasta as it should taste and feel! Tomatoes, basil… oh wow.