iKamand vibration - normal?

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bbq ikamand

So time for the second run with the new iKamand, this time at around 150° C.
I added it later at a later state due to WIFI issues at home.
But when I did, it was after I had to open to measure teh temp on the chicken scewers inside. First off the iKamand thought it was aroung 111° C inside.
My Thermoworks Smoke told me that it was arount 140° C.
The thermometers was placed very close to each other.

Didnt think much about it at the time, the fan started straight off at 100%. After this the temp went up fast, even to fast for my taste. The fans still hammred 100%.
I had set the goal temp for 150°, at 150° the fans shut off. And soon after that I got an notice that the grill was to hot.

No shit sherlock I thought, this fan behavior I saw on my first run aswell, the fan shut off to late and the temp went above the goal temp. To save the meat since the temp now was 10° plus, I opened the lid and let the temp fall to around 140°.
Now the fans kicked in again!
Hey wait I thought, they I discovered something, with the fans at at leat 50% created an vibration that made the iKamand slide to the right and thus opening the lid a small crack that let in way to much air.

The McGyver in me came to the rescue.

The tools can be used for more than what they are purposed for…

As you can see I had to make it stuck with the help of an Weber tool…
Has anyone else had this problem? This explains alot actually, also why the temp jump up and down last run.
This will be good input to the next run next weekend. I will do a follow up.