Ikamand got it!

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ikamand bbq

After being contact with both Kamando Joe and Desora (the makers of the iKamand) giving them the link to my blog posts about my troubles, I had a very good communication with both of the companies.

I resulted in a bug report that was solved in the update than came along a few weeks ago, I haven’t had the time for any long slow cooks but yesterday I had a chance to make some baby back ribs.

First it was the hard work choosing a rub… I just got this so I thought hey lets go for it:

Hank’s tru bbq, it has coffe and chocolate in it, very interesting taste.

And then I started the Kamado Joe, within 15 minutes the app told me to put the meat on, no notifications what so ever during this time!

The temp was 110°C I had set it for 107° but close enough, put the meat on and left the bbq.

Not a single beep from the app during the first two hours and look at the curve!

A straight line! I don’t know what they have done but no notifications and the one is straight, hopefully they have not just made print out the medium…

I don’t mind! Not one notification during a 3,5 cook!

Well done! :)