I thorn in my side...

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I’ve been wanting to dockerize my Plex server eve though Plex Inc has aid that the server is not optimized for Docker.
I have read countless blogs and opinions that is working just fine, so I had no worries doing it.
The reason was the my Plex Media server VM have had issues for the last two three weeks so the stars was aligned.
So… raised the hardware available on the docker-web-host, edited the docker-compose file did up -d.

Hell yeah done in less the 10 mins!
Now lets wait for the server to do its magic.

And so I did until users of my server started messaging that my server was for from perfect. Panic at the disco!

And yes. It was not behaving, movies and series not being able to play, Server to weak, couldn’t transcode, all those errors were present.
Tried to figure out what was going on and there were to apparent reason, got excellent help at Reddit, was usual, but that didn’t help, so I decided to make a new VM.

This time with the rock solid Debian Buster as a driver, ran across a script to update the server automatically towards the Plexpass repo.
35 min later server up running, the thumbnail work was also done.

So lesson learnt. Plex Docker is not a 100% fit.

That is my 2 cents.