I rebuilt my blog with hugo and forestly, and moved to netlify

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I rebuilt my blog with hugo and forestly, and moved to netlify

During the last year I have been thinking of starting a blog, tried many different blog engiens and in the end decided to go with Ghost.

Still the blogging didnt take off due to, I dont really know why, but the way I was supposed to add the texts.

1. I wanted a simpler way to add my texts.

2. I wanted a nice looging straight forward look.

3. It would be nice to run locally and to host somewhere, free would be good.

4. Favored Docker

5. Open-source

Blog platform

So first things first, the blog platform so the googling started, once again ended up at Grav and Ghost and all those WP knock-offs.

Then I stumbeled over this text: I rebuilt my blog with Hugo and moved to netlify

And that got me fired up, a time ago I came across hugo but forgot of it and glad to find it again. As Ken writes it is really fast and very simple to use.

Just look at this using macOS:

brew install hugo

hugo new site privetdrivenet

cd privetdrivenet

hugo new posts/first-post.md

hugo server -D

That will take you around 10 mins to get your first post up.

But how fun is http://localhost:1313 to look at?

A good part here is that hugo has built the static site which is ready to be moved to any host.

This is where Netlify comes in to play it is a:

1. CDN

2. Continius Deployment from github commits

3. HTTPS support via Let’s Encrypt

THey do offer a free plan, and the paid plans are really good priced in my opinion.

The platfrom runs on Docker, that was just like w-o-w for me.

So no questions left, I signed up to netlify and started to fix everythnig.

The only thing I ran into was that my config.toml had a small error after that eveyting is just working.

Oh yeah another fun thing, with git branches you can setup split-tests, at the moment I got three different themes that has a 33% chance to be used when you visit the site.

I’ve seen them all and soon I will remove one of them.

Oh well, I am totally in love with Hugo and Netlify!

And as the cream ontop I found forestry.io and online CMS for your static site platforms.

So now I when I get an idea, I login into forestry, create an post, write away, click publish - here Netlify takes over and within seconds the post is up. To be exact this post took 32 secs to be online.