I fixed my dead USG!

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reapair Unifi tech

Just by pure coincidence I stumbeled across a posting at Reddit talking about a dead USG, the details he had sounded exactly like mine and where were answers!

First answer said that it was usually the hard-drive that died and that was fixable!

He said it was a guide online so I went to a search and found a guide. Now when I try to find the same one I have no luck, oh well I found an even better one!

What do you need to fix a bricked USG?

  • Screw driver, pretty small.
  • An stripped USB momory-stick, at least 4GB in size.

That is it! What I mean with a stripped is that you have to remove all the plastic on it, there is no room for anything else than the stripped USB stick.

After this pull the power and go to work!

I should also say I did not have any luck making the image with both Rufus and Etcher, so I used an Linux command called dd, google how to dd img to usb, that shoud do it.

When done with this almost to simple task, fire the USG up and be as happy as I was seeing that it came alive again!