Halloween ghosts in my setup

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proxmox tech

In some part of the world this weekend is the Halloween weekend… not here I live but that is beside the point.

Earlier in the week, I saw that my proxmox server had a bunch of updates needed to be applied, so I said ok, in the corner of my eye I saw that the updates contained an update to 6.09, up until now I had been running 6.07.

Didn’t think of it much until later this week when I was about to go in and shut the server down, I wasn’t able to reach the gui, all the VMs where up and running.

Strange I thought. Oh well then I tried to ssh into it… no can do sire!
Now I was wondering what was going on… went to the server and logged in, no problem!
Did an ‘ip a’ and it lists all the NICs as up with the right IP-number.

Checked the interface file, look perfectly fine.

Laymans solution, shut it down and start it again. I had some memory where to go into it so I took the chance. The server starts and during the boot process, I see that it cannot start the NICs. But as soon it is up no problem.

So start posting at proxmox and reddit - still no good answers…