Four problems and sort off a Funeral

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I don’t know where to begin really. You can read up on my homelab here, this is all about my server HP Proliant DL380 G6.

A few weeks ago the virtual server I ran, yes ran, Proxmox started to tell me that there were something fishy with the filesystem.
I wasn’t able to create new VMs or anything. Then a week or two forward VMs started to crash.

I have been waiting for a moment to upgrade the server with memory and an extra CPU. So a couple of days ago I decided this is the time and I also decided to do a fresh install of Proxmox v6, instad of the older one that was an updated v4 to 5 to 6.

So I took the server down, popped in the new CPU and the tricky part of adding memory to a server, what’s up with that?

Oh well, started the server and everything checked out.
And booted from the SmartStart CD, reformatted the drives and restarted.

Prepped a couple of usb-drives one with Proxmox v6 and Debian 10. Just to be sure.

Ah well F11 to get to the boot screen, click 3 (USB), and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited.

No nothing, restarted, popped in the Debian USB, and waited and waited and waited… nothing.

WTF. Running my MS Natural Keyboard via that purple connection. :P

Mouse via USB on the front, working.
This is the first 10-15 minutes of and 4-5 hour struggle, the server would not under any circumstance boot from USB. No matter USB2 or USB3, not even USB1.

CD sure! I was in luck and found a Debian 9 CD that I had laying around for some strange reason. Server booted! Yeah!
Installation went through! Yeah! This was three hours in the struggle.

Servers restarted and started booting, me doing a small victory lap which ended abruptly. The server did not start from the installation that just succeeded.

At this part I was ready to give up, nothing helped, earlier I hade made a call for help on Reddit, and had gotten really some great responses. Most of them were talking about installing via ILO.

ILO didn’t see my USBs either so, well that was a quick experience.

Now I gave up. Shut the server down and went to my storage-server installed Docker and Docker-compose, downloaded my project that I started a few weeks ago. Docker-one-host.
Within half an hour, ever app I was missing was up and running again.

Good everything up good, still I didn’t get that sweet feeling of victory. I have no idea why the server refuses to start from USBs or ILO. Well the server is shutdown - for the time being