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I have been using pfSense for over a year now and I couldn’t be more happy with it’s performance and protection.

It was a rocky start to get it up and running but once that was done it has been smooth sailing. The feeling of I should give something back for this awesome project grew stronger and stronger. After a while I got wind of Netgate and they are the company behind pfSense and do have products!

Via an Element group am I a part of I found out that one of the members was a reseller for their products and he helped me narrow down the selection and what I needed.

It all ended with an Netgate SG2100 not the smallest and not a to biggest.

I added an AAA battery for size comparison. On the backside which is the more intresting part of such a device you will find:

1 combined WAN port, sfp and rj45 and 4 switched LAN ports (more on the later).
A bit much for my need comparing to my current setup.

One part that really caugth my eye is that the power cord can be fastened!
Or as they say threaded locking connector.

I have no idea why this get me going but it does. No more oooops.

Well other than that it not much more to say about the hardware other than the LAN ports is a optional switched ports. I choosed not to use that part just now.

First goal was to set it up as my current pfSense Unifi setup.

More on that later.