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fun homelab tech

So long time since I said a beep here, I just wanna say that it is still being ideas tested and played with in my homelab, that it is what it is for, right?

Over the weekend with 2 birthdays and as many parties time to play was limited, but reading about stuff was possible and man did I find something nice!

So I will just post the links that will keep me busy for some time.



And Linuxserver has remade their Unifi container and finally it is time for me to do the switch, https://blog.linuxserver.io/2019/02/18/changes-to-our-unifi-image/

And now the last thought ofc I wanna setup Grafana with InfluxDB and usign docker.


So as you can see I have actually placed them in a kinda of backlog priority, to redo by storage solution is long after due, even to be called a technical debt.

So that is sourly needed.

Oh well that was that, hope to see you back again.