Assigmant: Build an awesome computer for a soon to be 12 yo kid

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Goal: RGB Bonanza!

My neighbour asked me if I could build a computer for his son’s 12th birthday, that task is nothing to take easy or for that matter turn down. Almost directly I started to investigate what parts to use and the price of all this.

When done I had almost hit the budget given and the task-giver told me it was an ok price.

As he said “I trust in the pro”. So this was the parts, lets see if you can spot a bit of a concern when building it:

  • MSI GeForce GTX 1660 6GB VENTUS XS OC
  • Intel Core i3 8350K 4.0 GHz 8MB
  • WD Green SSD 480GB M.2
  • Corsair 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 2666MHz CL16 Vengeance
  • Corsair VS550 550W (v2)
  • Corsair LL Series LL140 RGB
  • Corsair Hydro H115i PRO RGB
  • Corsair Crystal 280X RGB Black

So yes I chose a Crosair case to go RBB Bonanza!

And also to do my first mini-ITX build… The power supply wasn’t the best choice I have to admit, non modular and ketchup/mustard cabels. So did you spot what were to be a problem?

Yeah the CPU cooler… I intended to go with Corsair Hydro H100i RGB Platinum, but on the webshop there where an demo unit for sale of Corsair Hydro H115i PRO RGB, the difference was that H100i was 240mm and H115i was 280mm.

The case is not big, it is kind of hard to build in due to constraints and my plan was to place the radiotor in the bottom of the case, but no. Front then, no. The only place I was able to squeeze the radiator in was in the top, and then I mean squeeze, I have to remove of of the front fans to get the radiator in.

I had to rebuild it four times due to ideas how to managed the wires, the best part of this case is the hidden compartment, RGB gives ALOT of cables to take care of. Normally one cable per fan and pump, now double that and cables between the control units. Oh my no wonder I did not choose RGB for my own rig.

Other that that it was a fun build, a challange to get everything to fit and to look good. I managed to work around many of the problems with the small case, if I were to build the same computer again I would have chosen an mATX motherboard and a modular power supply.

Oh yeah! I have to buy more internal USB ports… one was far from enough, I needed four. So the only one I could find was this NZXT Internal USB Hub no where, not on their site, not on the stores sight, no where did it say that it needed molex power, and the power supply didn’t have any. Oh a fun adapter to find. Sigh.

Hello NZXT it is 2019 and you still sell stuff with molex? So I finally after a few days of searching found an adapter that was small enough.

Other than that it was a fun build, the air flow in the case is fenomenal, I have stressed tested the CPU and the GPU and the out air is at max room temperature.

So next time I will not go for an AIO. Air would have been perfect for this case.

The RGB then? Was I able to sync MSI and Crosair, no. Where the Crosair parts in perfect sync? No. Only upside is that the Crosair parts can be handled in one app.

And why doesn’t the configured rgb pattern appear until I login?

So RGB hasn’t impressed me much or more like I thought it would be.

But I hope that the 12 yo doesn’t think so, I guess he will be happy that he can play Fortnite at max resolution and got much quicker downloads than his PS4.