A small catch up during covid-19 times

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So it has been some time I posted something here, let me recap what has happend.

I was sent home to work from home in the middle of march, the friday before my birthday I got the notice I was to be let go.
Since I am in Seden there is to be a unionen negation that was planned to my birthday and that is something the emplyer do have control over.

So to say the least my birthday was runnied big time and it was my 50th birthday as well. So what can I say to my former boss? FU to say it nicely.

But hey - I have decided to have a party when I turn 51 instead!

During the spring I managed to get a new job so no harm.

So this year has been lost due to Corona, it sucks, boring to say the least, but I am afraid that this is going to be something that will come more often.

Oh well - oh yeah - I showed a Linux beginner the beuty of docker and docker-compose! That was fun!

Now I am vaccation for 4 weeeks that is gonna be interesting what were gonna do… since were only allowed to travel within the country.