A day with Linux Desktop

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So the summer is getting closer and work wise that means more slack time. So I got an idea, for so many years it has been a buzz about when Linux will take over the desktop.
So what the hell, I partitioned my MBP 2015 and installed Ubuntu 19.04.
I should say that I have used Ubuntu and mainly Ubuntu server for years now so there is no surprise that I used that for this experiment.

The day started with trying to get my dual screen setup to work, I was pleased to find that DisplayLink had a .deb package since I use a HP USB-C dock at work.
After a small bit of tinkering all started to work.
Happy camper on a roll!

All was working but everything felt kinda sluggish desktop-wise, slow graphics kind of. Asked around and it dawned on me that DisplayLink is software based graphics!
Re-routing all sceen cables and of the the races again!

So I discovered that I could not use both Thunderbolt ports as screen ports, so one screen there and the other using an HDMI cable.
After a few minutes of the system not knowing what screen to use, it finally solved it self.

After that I could work as normal with everyting. It wasn’t until I got home and I rebooted back to macOS I felt how quick my computer really was.
macOS on Apple hardware is still snappier than Ubuntu on Apple hardware.
I am not surprised but still kinda sad about it.

Oh well it works, many things work even better, terminal and VPN to name a few.