A 12h run with Thermoworks Smoke

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As I told you earlier my next 12 h run with the Kamado would be without the iKamand and instead with my trustworthy Thermoworks Smoke.
So it has happened this last Friday, it was time to make a brisket again.

Up at 5:15 (AM), the Kamado and everything was prepped, so out to the Kamado, fire up the pit rig the Smoke and wait for 30-40 mins so the pit would settle.

I put the brisket on and went to bed, the smoke remote started beeping after 45-60 mins, temp to high, so sleep-drunk I want out and turned the top vent down a tiny bit and hit the bed again.

Now the Kamado behaved and tugged along while I got some shut-eye. At 7:30 I was up and about, not much to say during the day, some adjustments to the top went during the say.

For a short while the wind picked up and hit the bottom went so then the temp raised quite a bit, but that was during the stall so no worries.

The hours ticked past and all other parts of the bbq buffé was being made during the day, not until the brisket had reached 84° C the Kamado started to act up again, the temp started to fall and no matter how much I opened up the bottom or the top went seemed to help, when I had the bottom and the top wide open then I managed to stop the temp for falling, but then when the brisket was 87° the hope was lost, I suspected that I had depleted my coal so I had to take it off and put it in faux cambro for a couple of hours, when I used my tongs to pick it up a stream of melted fat squirted away and the brisket was like a soaked sponge.

So a big smile on my face when I put it away knowing that I made a perfect brisket.
This is how the brisket was served to the guest, made by my wonderful wife.

So a few days after what are my thoughts?

First of it is the fan-curve that iKamand uses that is the bad part of iKamand, it is way to aggressive. Just to compare of many times I ran to and forth the Kamado it was about half as many times using Smoke compared to iKamand.

That was the reason I bought the iKamand in the first place, to reduce my yo-yo-ing to the pit.

I will be honest to say that the fan would have been great a few times, now I had a few times with nervous wait to see if my action really would make a difference.

I torn in my thoughts if this is a good product. A better fan curve would make a huge difference and also to be able when I want a notification.
Software updates it sounds like, so I will keep it and hold my breath that they will fix this. I will of course contact Kamado Joe to share my thoughts.