My home lab

I will not deny that I am a tech-nerd so therefore I do have an homelab, among other things this blog is running on an virtual machine hosted on my proxmox server.
Ops there I almost got ahead of myself, so lets begin, but where, hmmm oh I know we start where the net enters our house.

There it is greeted by an Ubnt Security Gateway, from there to an Ubnt Switch 8 port 150W, this is my main switch everything passes through this one. It is not getting especially warm as I have read that many have had problems with, maybe it is becasue it is mounted in a cool room, against a even caller concrete wall.

From the eight ports I got an VLAN to the main server park also from here it connects to a Ubnt Nano Switch wich provices my three Ubnt Unifi Nano HD.
To say that I am happy with this equpimnet would be an hue understatment. Our wifi is rock-solid, never ever goes down without a good resaon (power outage is the only thing so far).

So now to the part you really clicked this link for, my server park.
At the moment it contians of two psyhsical servers, one HP Proliant G6 DL380, this server is running as a Proxmox host, handling for now 8 VMs, one is the webbserver your just visiting. One of the VMs is my Docker-host aswell, but my adventures in docker-land is worth it's own post.

Beside the HP is my home built storage server, an AMD Ryzen based system that runs Ubuntu Server 19.04, with kernel 5.latest, 8 2Tb disks and dual nic's.

Oh yeah I almost forgot, the passage into my server park is handeled by an HP Procurve switch. To this both servers are connected trough dual-bond, so for now I can copy and read from the servers at around 10 mb/s. That is totally ok for home use.

I think that it is for now, that is my home lab.

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