A Golden egg!

So I have to blame the radio this mornings trip down memory lane of my work life, they played Ultravox - Dancing with tears in my eyes. At Popwire we needed to get attention to our service we tried alot of different ways but there was one that really shined brightly.
During 2001 we worked very closely with Houdini to create Popwire City, an 3D envioment where music interested people could meet like Second Life kinda.

I really got to know one of their webdesigners Martin, we had worked togehter before and we had the same language so during a late night discussion via ICQ, we came up with an idea that would lead to an very fine award.

We created an drum machine in the format of the internet banner ads.
To be precise we built an Roland TR-808 using Macromedia Shockwave, that drum machine was classic even back then.
We got hold of the sounds and made it in a couple of days, we added and site whre you could post your creations and poeple could vote each week which was the best one.

And oh my oh my the creations ppl made was fantastic! And the popularity was fantastic! We even tried to make an guitarr using the same tech but that just failed. We tried other instruments but none was even close to the drum machine.

And then one day I got an letter, yes real letter, that told me that I was invited to the yearly ad cermony where the gave out prices to the best ads in the country.

I was so naive that I didnt understand anything why we were seated really close to the stage, all we thought about was to party!

Then I heard on one ear that my name was called from stage and we were fetched by a dude that pushed us up on stage and there they presented us with the price for the best online ad 2001 an Golden egg! Not a real one but a huge paiting.

Then my friends pushed to me say something, me infront of the creme dela creme of the ad elites in Sweden. I almost peed myself, but I said thank you and something about what a late night on ICQ can lead to and ran off stage.

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