My name is Mattias and I run this. I am a tech and bbq-nerd, that means I love food and wine. This blog is a place for me to just put my thoughts out for whoever is interested reading. It will mainly be about tech and bbq.

iKamand vibration - normal?

So time for the second run with the new iKamand, this time at around 150° C. I added it later at a later state due to WIFI issues at home. But when I did, it was after I had to open to measure teh temp on the chicken scewers inside. First off the iKamand thought it was aroung 111° C inside. My Thermoworks Smoke told me that it was arount 140° C.

A day with Linux Desktop

So the summer is getting closer and work wise that means more slack time. So I got an idea, for so many years it has been a buzz about when Linux will take over the desktop. So what the hell, I partitioned my MBP 2015 and installed Ubuntu 19.04. I should say that I have used Ubuntu and mainly Ubuntu server for years now so there is no surprise that I used that for this experiment.

My first run with iKamand

Finally I got a chance to use my new iKamand, followed my gut feeling about all the BBQ I got inside me. It feels like cheeting, to be honest. Fired up the bbq, built the conquer system, shut the lid and the started the iKamand. At once the built in fan started at 100%, the temprature started to raise in the bbq. Went inside to prepare the meat, had the meat at dry salt for a few hours, so I rinsed it, dried it, and put some oil on it and added the rub, Hanks true BBQ meat rub.

Assigmant: Build an awesome computer for a soon to be 12 yo kid

Goal: RGB Bonanza! My neighbour asked me if I could build an computer to his son’s 12th birthday, that task is nothing to take easy or for that matter turn down. Almost directly I started to investigate what parts to use and the price of all this. When done I had almost hit the budget given and the task-giver told me it was an ok price. As he said “I trust in the pro”.

My Home Lab

I will not deny that I am a tech-nerd so therefore I do have an homelab. So lets begin, but where, hmmm oh I know we start where the net enters our house. There it is greeted by an Ubnt Security Gateway, from there to an Ubnt Switch 8 port 150W, this is my main switch everything passes through this one. It is not getting especially warm as I have read that many have had problems with, maybe it is becasue it is mounted in a cool room, against a even colder concrete wall.