My new new network

Due to troubles… well. The start of the fiber-life was far from good, the first few weeks was bad bad bad. But being on the other side since a few days it has started to feel good. So now I dare to introduce my new network, not a huge difference from the old one, but still a few significant changes. So pfSense is installed as VM on Proxmox that is on the Dell-server.
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New network and vlan for real

I thought I knew how VLANs worked - I couldn’t be more wrong. It’s far more than a tag, that is pretty much all got to have to do when using VLANs in Unifi. And they make everything backward as well. And again I say that I have a new network, not really, it is “only” the router that has been replaced. See not that big of a difference, sure I got some nice icons but other than that, there is not such a big difference.
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Out and about due to me

It began with that we finally got fiber installed. We ordered 500⁄500 Mbps. Everyone in the family said to me - it doesn’t feel like 500⁄500. I set up a speedtest container that measured every three hours. Came back the next day to look at it. Not once during the last 24 hours had the download speed exceeded 220 Mbps more over the latency/ping was somewhere between 12 and 16 ms.
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Activaiting CPU AVX for an Proxmox VM

An image I needed said it needed the CPU to support AVX. Yes it was the Mongodb image. Some searching and I found the solution. First check if your CPU supports it, if it does, here is how you activate it! Go to the VM Choose Hardware Choose CPU Click on Type, way down, to the last place in the list, choose host. Now you will have to restart the VM but after that, there should not be any issues starting, as for me, the mongoldb container!
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Switching to Caddy or so I thought

A small background, I have been using’s Swag container for years now, it has been behaving just great, so good that became boring almost. For years I have heard the rave about Traefik, but I have always thought that it required so much scripting to get working, all those labels and commands. While researching Traefik I came across Caddy, I started reading about it and really liked what I read.
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My old network

This is my future network, it is still a work in progress. The issue now is if I were to divide the network physically in the router between the server-lan and the hedman-lan or keep the vlan solution I have now (that is working perfectly fine btw). You have accept that some words are in Swedish. :P Any suggestions is appreciated,

The storage server went to sleep...

It was not planned to write this but it has to be written. I sat there with an new install of Pop_OS Cosmic and installed the Nextcloud app and tried to connect to my Nextcloud instance. It failed, so I tried to use the browser instead, 502, hmmm the error is at my side. Opened the terminal ssh into the docker host server, listen to containers running and there is was, Nextcloud was running.
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My network gear - the list

1 Edgerouter X 2 airMAX NanoStation 5AC Loco 1 Unifi Switch 8p 150W 1 Unifi Switch 8p 1 Unifi Switch Flex 1 Unifi Switch Flex Mini 3 Unifi AP AC Lite 1 Unifi AP AC LR

My home lab - an update

Way back in 2019 I did write about my home lab, to underestimate it has happened a thing or two. Let’s take it the network way, it starts with an Edgerouter X that creates three VLANS, it transported to the main building via a two Ubnt Nanostation AC5, that steals approx 2% of the base net speed. So now we are inside the main building, it all starts with an Unifi 8p 150W switch, this is the heart of the whole network.
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The story about a server and 10 sad HDDs

This is a story about a few weeks in March of this year. I was able to get my hands on a cheap Dell Poweredge R720 server and I needed disks for storage. I found 10 SAS Seagate Savvio for a reasonable price, bought them, and here is where to story starts. I popped those disks in, the lights on the server were, let’s just say, behaving not normal. After this I tried to find the disks inside iDrac, I was able to see them but not to use them.
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